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Best Marketing Business Model Development

Strategic Management is the art and science of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enable an organization to achieve its objectives. Every strategy management or marketing involves few steps. Strategy Formulation, Strategy implementation & Strategy Evaluation. To execute these 3 stages properly an adept strategist is required for every business. We at KRV Guru have real time experience in delivering successful strategies for our global clientele.

Our strategists at KRV Guru help an organization gather, analyze and organize information. We track industry and competitive trends, develop forecasting models and scenario analyses, evaluate corporate and divisional performance, spot emerging market opportunities, identify business threats and develop creative action plans. Our experienced strategists will understand your exact business position and accordingly they will define, design and deliver strategies.

Business model is an important aspect that every business need. Whether you are a startup, Small business or planning to reposition your business you need a marketing plan or business model. To present it to your investor or bank you need your idea to be executed on paper. At the same time if you would like to reposition your branding/business you need to have a proper plan.

Being passed out from premium business schools in India and having a decade of in-depth experience has helped us to understand each individuals need well and deliver the results accordingly. Our go-to-market plans deliver successful launches and increase in customer engagement levels.

Why You Need marketing Strategy?

Planned Business Model Planned Business Model
Stay Focused Stay Focused
Strategic Positioning Strategic Positioning
Value proposition Value proposition
Budget control Budget control
Optimized Optimized

What we will do

Strategic Marketing or Strategic management allows an organization to be more proactive than reactive in shaping its own future; it allows organization to initiate and influence activities – and thus to exert control over its own destiny. Startups, small business owners, chief executive officers, managers of many for profit & non-profit organizations have recognized and realized the benefits of best strategic models. The manner in which strategic management is carried out is thus exceptionally important. A major aim of the process is to achieve the understanding of and commitment from the customer. At KRV Guru, We understand the principal benefit of strategic management to help organizations formulate better strategies through the use of a more systematic, logical and rational approach to strategic choice.

We follow a step by step process to implement the best marketing strategies.

Understanding Customer’s need

Initially, we will try to understand your need and objectives involved in the process. Your exact requirement, timelines etc. After the complete clarification on your requirement & objectives, we will draft the initial scope of work. Initial scope of work will include the shared details with us, your business goals, objectives, Time line in phases as well as milestones required.


We will sign an NDA (If required), Based on the collected/understood data we will share our initial proposal with you. After the initial proposal and SOW discussions if you are comfortable with the mentioned terms and conditions then we need a purchase order from you. After your order confirmation and signing the agreement, we will do an in-depth marketing research, competitive analysis, Brand score as per the market potential, Buyer personas and more over your sales & marketing process, tools used to understand your need completely.

Business Objective Discussion

After gathering the complete information, we will create a strategy file for your business objectives. We will discuss about setting business objectives and goals with you. As per our initial scope of work discussion we will design and develop the strategy in a step by step process. We will fix the scope of work with phase & milestone objectives required to meet the business goals.

Customized Marketing Strategy

We will design the long term strategy required for the business. We will divide the long term vision into short term missions and we will define various targets and strategies to achieve those. We will design customized marketing/branding strategies according to your need, business demand, business logic, Target audience and your products/services.

Project Take Off

We will take off the project as per our discussed strategy phases, business objectives and deliverables. We will ensure to meet your business goals at the right time and right place. Your business goal is our goal. We will win, when you win in your business goals. We are your reliable marketing strategic partners, who love to make your business grow.

Why choose KRV Guru?


We are passionate and creative MARTECH=marketing+technology geeks.


We know the ins & outs of “SMARKETING”.


We are not another “DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY”.

Unique Selling Proposition

Our USP is to deliver best results for our clients.


“BRANDING” is our surname.


Our “RIGHT STRATEGIES” can make your business efficient.

Expertise Marketing Strategy Services

Entering a new market or launching a new product/solution you need a planning or perfect marketing strategy to define the step by step process with milestones. We are here to deliver the complete marketing strategy for your organization. Be it a startup, small business or an enterprise our marketing strategies will meet your objectives.

Transforming your business
Transforming your business
Creating or entering into new business
Creating or entering into new business
New Market Entrant
New Market Entrant
Stand out from the crowd
Stand out from the crowd
 Launching New Solutions
Launching New Solutions
Strategic Positioning
Strategic Positioning
Value proposition
Value proposition
Go-To-Market Strategy
Go-To-Market Strategy
Accelerate your business
Accelerate your business

Accelerate your business with clear STRATEGY

We work closely with our clients to provide the best Marketing & Branding Strategies to them. A clear Strategy will always help the business to grow. Whether you are a startup, Small business owner or a multinational looking to develop your new solutions, we will love to work with you to deliver the value added results for your clients.

Marketing Strategy Service

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