Work from home – it has become a way of life for many of us due to the recent outbreak of the pandemic Covid – 19. 2020 has become a year of life-changing experiences, and numerous lessons learned in the crisis that we are confronted with. Imagine a world when everybody just stops working for a few days, like in complete sense. The global economy would just collapse, taking us years or maybe decades to compensate for the loss. The concept of working from home has indeed been a bolster in keeping the financial system intact. It is helping the society on the whole to standstill in catastrophic times. Moreover, various studies have found that work from home can boost productivity by lessening the distraction due to commute. It also makes a full-day shift come about, as there are no issues of running late or leaving early from the office. The employees were also found to take lesser days off, with not much stress in the duration. 

Independence in a true sense: More than just working in your pajamas, you’ll learn to organize things yourself with better concentration, improved focus and self-discipline. It keeps you motivated throughout the day, as you are venturing on your own without an external medium.

Home work, more work: One advantage of working in a homely setting is that there are not as many interruptions, loud co-workers or their unnecessary banter. In addition to that, the time one allocates for commute saves a major portion of stressful hours during the day. 

Increased interaction: You might not be able to express your ideas in person, so you are to connect with people over skype, emails, web-meetings and what not! You become very communicative out of necessity and it turns out to be a good ladder for your career. 

There are many advantages of working from home, but one must be on toes to address any kind of issue that hinders productivity. You can find a productive place at your home, make a to-do-list on a daily basis, follow the schedule and more importantly, take sufficient breaks in between as it boosts productivity like no other. With the right mindset, it is possible to pull-off a great amount of work and perform well in your duties. 

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