Here is the question that becomes a buzz for every online and offline entrepreneur. Want to get more leads online. But How? Getting leads and converting them to prospects is a good sign of your sales & marketing process. But, How to get no. of leads from your online marketing. Let me put down some of my experience as below. Online marketing or Digital Marketing is a great tool to create brand awareness as well as for the lead generation. So, what are the methods of doing it?

  1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the primary tool of digital marketing, both on the page and off page SEO helps you to create a buzz online. If everything is on the right track then your search rankings will be good and you will get good no. of leads from SEO.
  2. SEM: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps you to promote your website or brand online through Google/Bing AdWords. You can promote your website as Text Ad, Display Ad, Video Ad, and both Search as well as Display Ad. It is up to you that how much you are going to spend on it. Once you promote your website, there is a high probability of getting maximum no. of leads.
  3. SMM: Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an ultimate platform to promote your website. From 3.1 billion users of the internet, almost 2.07 billion are active users in the social media network. These statistics show us the brand reach once we get into the social media network. Even we can generate leads from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ etc. These social networking tools support your website to create a brand awareness online through which you can generate leads also.
  4. Email Marketing: Start sending e-mails to your targeted audience with e-mail compliance. Make sure that you are following all the terms and conditions of CAN-SPAM ACT & GDPR for sending e-mails. This is perhaps the most effective way of generating leads.
  5. Blog Marketing: Do some content marketing through your blog posts. Link these blog posts with your social media channels and get some traffic diverted to your blog. Try to engage the audience with your content. Chances of getting a lead from your blog are high.
  6. Video Marketing: Create a video talking about your services/products or corporate history. Some of the parameters can make your video engagement rate high, such as- Have facts in it, It should not be lengthy, Try to give best quality output in it, be professional and precise in your message. Once you are done with the video upload it to YouTube, Dailymotion, and other video channels. If you have the budget then go for promoting your video or else try to link the URL in social media channels.
  7. Inbound Marketing: Last but not least. As per HubSpot “Inbound is the fundamental shift in the way you do business and is a philosophy based on helping people. The Inbound approach to doing business is more human and customer-centered”. In today’s world buyers have all the power so it is important for you to empower your buyer with added value in your services. The Inbound way will help you and your buyer to grow mutually.

These above stated 7 tips are useful to get leads online. If you place everything at the right time at the right place with excellent execution, then you will be getting results in a short span of time.

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