Startups and small business owners have an edge nowadays to build their brand online. In the earlier days, it was very tough for the SME’s to build their brand without executing the marketing budget for advertisement. It was really a difficult situation for the companies to promote their brand. Thanks to social networking mediums which has helped a lot to build brand awareness programs easily. In traditional promotions understanding analytics data is difficult, but you can track analytics data to understand the insights about your advertisement and it is easy with social networks also.

It does not matter the size of your business, you can build your brand on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube etc. With a simple post on these social networking platforms can increase your brand value. Making a viral post or video can gain you a momentum to build your brand identity.

Social media is really an amazing platform to build your brand, generate leads and promote your products or services. You can create your own Facebook business page also. You can add details about your business, website URL etc. The page likes your business page makes your brand more popular, the increase in page likes or post likes, shares helps you to build your brand easily.

The same concepts with few tweaks are applicable to other social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.  In the Twitter account, you have retweets, favorites whereas in LinkedIn likes, shares and +1’d in Google+. The no.of shares, likes, retweets etc. helps you to build a strong brand. The engagement rate of the audience with your page shows your social media score. Likes growth, PTAT, Engagement Rate, Posts per week, Posts per type, Timing, length of posts, curiosity and hashtags are some of the parameters which we have to take care while building the brand in social media.

It is important for a business to choose the network that supports your brand image. Do not be more social, with your presence on all the social networks. Understand your target audience and work accordingly.

Know the statistics:

  • There are just over 3 billion active Internet users (45% of the world’s internet users)
  • Nearly 2.1 billion people have social media accounts
  • 65 billion mobile users have access to the internet via smartphones and tablets
  • Close to 1.7 billion people have active social media accounts
  • Facebook: There are nearly 1.4 billion Facebook users
  • 47% of all Internet users are on Facebook
  • 5 billion likes are generated daily
  • Twitter: Twitter has 284 million active users at last count
  • 88% of Twitter users are on mobile4
  • 500 million tweets per day
  • Google+: Google+ cost over half a billion to design and develop
  • 363 million users
  • The +1 button is hit 5 billion times per day
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn has 347 million registered members
  • Total revenue at the end of 2014 was $643 million (a growth rate of 44% over the previous period)
  • There are over 39 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn
  • After going through these statistics, I feel social media is the best way to reach out your target audience and building your brand.

Tips to build a brand in social media:

Here are the few tips to build your brand on social media.

  1. Online Reputation Management – Recheck everything before you post.
  2. Design a logo, profile pic, cover photo for the social media and try to keep the same one in all the social network channels.
  3. Know the voice and style of your brand, target audience. Post your social campaigns based on the required parameters as discussed above.
  4. Be transparent, try to engage your audience as much as you can.
  5. Use hashtags (#) in your post-write-up.
  6. Be clear while you post in social networks.
  7. Use colors for your post that make a clear statement about your message.
  8. Do more networking- join the groups, conversations etc.
  9. Use your social media campaigns to promote your content.
  10. Keep your posts/information interesting.
  11. The post should be visual, clear, and relevant.
  12. It should include a call to action.
  13. Provide shareable content or posts.

The last but not least “Be Consistent”.

You have no. of benefits in social media. Some of them are Increase in brand recognition, improved brand loyalty, more leads, and prospects, higher conversion rates are some of them. It is good to implement social media marketing as one of your key marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and business, but at the same time, you should be careful with spammers.


For Statistics.

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