Social media has been a hot and happening scaffold for few years now. Some of the most common social media include Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, WeChat, Hangouts, Snapchat and many more. All of them work based on algorithms and designed with programming interfaces. Initially, launched for offering simple connectivity and a sense of constant relatedness among people, it is now being used for several other purposes too – productive and entertainment. Social media coexists competently and creatively alongside other powerful mass media such as television and newspapers.

Coming to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the same, placed below are few citations.

To enlist commending factors of social media:

  • Opportunities: One is enabled to discover numerous opportunities to upgrade oneself in terms of career enhancements, drawing clients, finding new jobs/internships, announcing advancements, selling products, etc. For example, a boutique company or an independent designer is permitted to create a tag name for their brand and let everyone know about the dress. A fitness instructor can avail oneself for being invited to educate and train people healthily. Landlords may wish to present their property for viewing.
  • Advertising: Social media marketing is the greatest attractive method utilized for spreading awareness of one’s products to buyers. Posting blogs with regular update of solid content is pursued to achieve the same. When the webpage of a particular social media is open, pop-ups/ads may be shown in between such that the user catches a glimpse of it. Information can be made to go viral amongst the program users, thus attaining the targeted reach.
  • Learning gadgets: Apart from distributing share worthy details and enlightening facts, authentic intellectual implements can be obtained to reform one’s standards in a specific field of study. People willing to groom themselves do have a substantial podium for it.
  • News: Keeping yourself updated with current affairs is important to be in sync with present conditions and secure yourself. The social web lets you to be acquainted with day-to-day reports conveniently.
  • Kinship: Social networking provides its users the privilege to be associated with ease of accessibility to one another. As successors to teleservices, letters and emails, social communication are now trending to be the most ideal and handy tool all over the world. An instant two-way approach to people and a response/feedback back from them is made possible.   

Nonetheless, this media platform stands limited for some reasons.

  • Accuracy: Despite availability of sufficient news/information/blogs published on the website, the actuality of statistics may be questionable. Such particulars will have to be verified strongly unless which these cannot be relied upon.
  • Accessibility: Accessibility is a big challenge to social media. No internet access restricts their extent compared to a newspaper or a TV that stretches its boundaries to individuals. Zones with no internet taints do exist and social media will be unable to extend its reach to such locales.
  • Risk: Although social media is known for handing out tempting facilities, there certainly is some amount of risk involved like hacking or phishing. This may distort the account’s stability/reputation and become an encumbrance until resolved. Revealing of credentials may increase such risks. Though each online media furnishes its own set of privacy settings, to beware of such threats is one’s own liability.

Hence it is important for every business social media account should be handled by an expert or a team of specialists who understand the core social media marketing process & impact.

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