It is a small motivational and never give up story about a boy who was working as a trainee pharmacist in a Pharmacy Store and now turned as an Entrepreneur.

He has failed his tenth class examination twice. He got frustrated with studying and to pass the tenth class. As he is from a middle-class family and lives in a small village he felt it is better to do a job rather than trying to pass the examination and wasting the money. But his hunger for success and earning money was still there. He joined a medical shop as a pharmacist boy. He worked there for 8 years. He joined for a salary of Rs. 400 per month.

He was smart enough to catch the selling skills of different Medical Representatives (MR) who were visiting the medical shop for their product promotions. He thought that he has better knowledge for the medicines (drugs) and understand about it by working there for so many years. As there is a saying that “If there is a will there is a way”, He started his dropped package of tenth class and passed out the examination by just crossing the border of pass marks in every subject.

Then he inquired about the next steps to get hold of an MR job.  He came to know that the eligibility is graduation. Then he fought back with his dedication to passing the examinations and finally he passed out 12th and graduation just crossing the pass marks border again. In this span, he has learned how to develop communication skills by interacting to different MR ’s, and He made himself perfect to be an MR with 8+ years of work experience in the Pharmacy Store as a pharmacist boy and a graduation with pass marks. He has the knowledge and moreover a burning desire for success.

One of the MR helped him to attend an MR interview held at a local hotel. He pushed himself and cleared the interview and joined as MR Trainee in a pharma company with the lowest salary, He worked as MR for 4 years and went to the same Pharmacy store (where he used to work) for promoting his products .  His boss was in real happiness that the guy who was working at his shop is now an MR and promoting the products at his shop.  A pharmacist boy who was frustrated with studies and passing an examination has become a Medical Representative earning a handsome salary.

It shows that hunger for success leads you to achieve your goals, never give up in your life to achieve your goals. You will face a lot of hurdles in your way but fight and reach your goal. This is only a first phase of his life; still, a lot to pen….. Let’s meet at the next phase of his life soon.

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