Heavy Rain, after a long hic-up in the traffic I reached hurry burry to the conference room on time; my colleagues were waiting for me to start the discussion on marketing strategies for the next quarter. Because of the current situations and other factors we were not able to focus on our traditional marketing approaches in the last quarter. We were planning that what to do about the new services that we have added to our kitty, it should be reachable to all the target audience. One of my friend from the corner of the room told that we will implement “Machine learning tools for digital marketing”. Let’s focus on automation rather than pushing ourselves to the same old marketing. All of a sudden another colleague of mine asked what is that. Can we implement? After an hour of discussion, we concluded that the journey for the next quarter will begin with “Machine Learning & Digital Marketing”. Then we started our planning and strategies to implement Digital Marketing automation completely and the rest followed.

  • 88% of companies use solutions that rely on AI.
  • By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with companies without interacting without a human.
  • 41% indicated that implementing AI techniques is the priority.
  • 26% plan to deploy AI technologies within the next 2 years.
  • 97% of leaders believe that the future of marketing lies in the ways that digital marketers work alongside machine-learning based tools
  • The number of active startups has increased by 1400% since 2000. ( Source: Stanford University).
  • Investment into AI startups by venture capitalists has soared sixfold since 2000, ( Adobe).
  • The next big marketing trend is seen as being consumer personalization (29%), followed by AI (26%). ( Brightedge).
  • The AI healthcare market is expected to hit $6.6 billion by 2021. ( Accenture Data).

By looking at the statistics analytics I thought that Machine Learning & Digital Marketing can play a vital role in the organization. The next future of Sales and marketing is through ML & Digital Marketing.

But the question was that Are we really ready to implement machine learning & Digital Marketing in our organization. I thought that we should go ahead with the technology and we should implement it at any cost. We should be expertise in this and make sure that we will put the same efforts as we did for our earlier stage of marketing. Before diving deeper, what exactly is “Machine Learning & Digital Marketing”. In simple words, Machine learning is a powerful new tool for solving problems: from filtering a photo collection to helping people tackle some of the world’s most pressing global challenges in health, environment, and beyond.

Machine learning describes a process by which machines figure out how to solve problems based on analysis of data sets and trends.- Sitepronews.

AI/ML as an advanced tool that uses data to provide the most effective solutions, by benefitting businesses in helping them to find hidden knowledge in available consumer data. In turn, this data is useful for marketers to streamline the marketing process. Whether it is traditional or Digital with ML tools at the end of the day it is reaching to the customer or end user is marketing. Business is all about customers. When your products or services reach your customers through any medium then there will not be an issue unless and until the message is loud and clear.

I was reading one of the business newspaper every day as e-paper in my laptop, but now I prefer to use the app of it and read it from my smartphone. Because it really makes exciting that we are reading something even if we are traveling or moving. Our e-mails in Gmail get filtered based on the importance. even it checks for the SPAM e-mails to drive out from our inbox. Every day in the evening I get an e-mail from one of the top research institutes for the updates in Machine Learning & Digital Transformation.

Is Machine Learning & Digital Marketing really putting ourselves to transform or is it the new era of marketing? This query hits my mind every now and then. Let’s discuss more on this in the next post.

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