Facebook is the biggest platform for all digital marketers and small business owners. A social media market space to promote your brand organically and in a paid way also. Most of the business owners or marketers do marketing through Facebook pages. I have been interacting with most of the clients and helping them with their Facebook Page marketing. After going through different phases of marketing and understanding Facebook Page marketing, I thought to post a few marketing tips.

Some of the tips for Facebook marketing tips are as below.

  1. Understand your Facebook (FB) fans first: Check what your FB page fans are excited about. Analyze the posts that you have already made and how your fan base has reacted to it. If you are new to the facebook page marketing, then try doing an experiment with the post and analyze accordingly.
  2. Boost Engagement through contests: Arrange or Host some contests to boost the PTAT or engagement rate on your page. Such as rewards for the fans who like and share the posts or who comment well on your posts. Conducting some contest for fans with some voucher codes can also boost the engagement rates.
  3. Posts with Links: Do some posts on your website links or Blog links, so as to drive some traffic to your website. Interesting posts may retain your fan base for a long time.
  4. GIF/Video Posts: You can engage your customers by posting some interesting GIF images or Videos.
  5. Smart use of (#) Hashtags: Use hashtags in your post. It should be related to the content of the post. Do not overuse the hashtags.
  6. Mention another page name: Mention other page name or details in some of your posts, it may happen that the fan base of that page also likes your posts. Do it “if and only if” it is related and required. For e.g.: If your page is related to Footwear then you can mention the brands (facebook page names) that you are dealing within your page.
  7. Use Images: While posting a URL or some content try to post it with some images or photos which can boost your post.
  8. Timing matters: Understand your timings for the posts. You can check it in likealyzer.com for your post timings. It depends on your fan base and target audience. Based on your post on the exact timelines, you might be finding results.
  9. Provide valuable content: Do not post unnecessary content in your post. Try to give or provide the best and relevant content for your fan base. If it is relevant content then you might have a boost in your post or else you may lose engagement rate for that post.

The above mentioned are 9 tips for Facebook marketing to boost your business/brand page. These tips have helped us to analyze the insights well and work on the required strategies. Apart from these tips, even you can go for paid marketing on Facebook to boost your post or page.

If you are in need of facebook page marketing or social media marketing then consult us.

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