The most happened cliché that was buzzing around was “Bahubali 2”. The remarkable director Sir S.S.Rajamouli’s (SSR) magnum opus has exceeded the audience expectations. Fans are on their toes of craziness after the release of the monumental movie Bahubali-2. Even I am one of them. I am a fan of Sir S.S. Rajamouli since the release of his first directed movie Student no.1. He is an inspiration to me. Even though I am not associated with Entertainment Industry but his management attributes have helped me to apply those in my goal and be steady to achieve it.

I have taken each and every point of learning from his movies. Being a management Graduate, I always relate everything to management and what I can learn from it. I have been learning management concepts from my Guru S.S. Rajamouli from the Day 1 of his movie was out. I thought to write blog post about him every day, But, I did not find a chance to showcase my love towards him. Bahubali 2 has given me a chance to put some points that I have learned from his masterpiece of product deliveries.

Below are some of the Management concepts that I have learned from the Genius Film Director S.S. Rajamouli.

  1. Understanding the customer (Audience) need and meeting or exceeding their expectations.– He knows the pulse of the audience very well. He understands the exact need of the customer (audience) about his product and he always exceeds them. This has been the process of achieving things from Student no.1 to Bahubali 2.
  2. Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Place, and Promotions the 4P’s of the movie market are well equipped with his marketing strategies. From the initial days of film distribution to this digital age his 4P’s are on track in the market. This is something I can’t write descriptively here, so I have made it brief.
  3. Maximum and proper utilization of resources. – He understands what his product required to meet the market needs. (Cast and Crew for his movie). According to the story, he picks the CAST for the movie. He never takes a chance to launch his product casually in the market. His market research is excellent and he meets the market needs on time. All the resources from every department of his movie have given their best to put out the best product in the market and Bahubali2 is a classic example of it. Launching of product at the right place & right time.
  4. Marketing redefined. – It’s been an excitement for me to watch his movies audio functions or pre-release functions because on that day I learn innovative marketing strategies from the legend. He has taken creative concepts even at those events to showcase the strength of his product. He has redefined the marketing for the films in Telugu Film Industry and now at National Level. Promoting the product in an inventive way is his skillset.
  5. Being a Brand. After having a word above about the marketing I would like to discuss his Branding attributes which have kept him on the success track. {How to build a brand, Brand awareness, brand identity}. SS Rajamouli Brand credibility, Quality, Expertise, Brand resonance: Engagements, Attitudinal attachments are some of his brand attributes. Building a brand is what he has achieved tremendously. The stamp of his name “an S.S. Rajamouli film” on a movie poster is enough to sell his product.
  6.  Stick to your concept/Idea, Your product can do wonders. – Even though the market is not responding to your idea or to your product but you have a gut feeling that it will work in future then stick to your idea and keep working on it to deliver it with perfection. When Sir has started shooting for Maryada Ramana Movie most of the audience felt that he has taken a wrong step and I think even he knows it. But he proved himself after the release of the movie. But again it happened with Eega and even with Bahubali also. But, he was on his stumps and played it very well that now everyone can understand what happens when you have a strong instinct of success about your product in the market.
  7. Learn from your mistakes, update/learn in every project you deliver is something that I have grasped from him. From the journey of his first movie to Bahubali 2, he has evolved a lot. We can see a lot of enhancements and refinements in his process of storytelling. Only with 11 movies, he is an awe-inspiring director in the Nation. This shows that how well he has crafted his skills to meet the customer expectations for every product.
  8. Qualities of a leader: The last but not the least, Qualities of a leader which are required for a company to be successful in the market. The constitution of leadership qualities that Sir has are Accountability, Goal Orientation, Passionate, Dedication, Hard Work, Sincerity, Focused, Target oriented, Motivator etc. These aspects have made him to wow out his product.

Still, there is a lot to pen on… Thank you for an “Inspiration” to me and making us proud. I have jotted down these points that I have learned from your Journey of movies (Student no.1 to Bahubali2). My Dream is to be an entrepreneur and I have learned a lot of things from you. So I have coined you a name for motivating me.

IN one word “Moviepreneur”.

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