SearchEngine Optimization (SEO) is the major tool of Digital Marketing. There are numerous tools that got evolved in the last 3-4 years but SEO still plays a major role in Digital marketing. A good SEO strategy has many benefits, but I have jotted down a few of them.

  1. Online Presence & search visibility: The first and the most important benefit of SEO is that your brand will have an online presence and it will be visible in search queries. (Based on the keywords matching with the search queries). If your brand is visible in top positions of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) then most of your work is done in terms of SEO. It helps you to stay visible to your customers.
  2. Brand Awareness: From the previous point it is clear that, if your brand is visible to your customers in SERP then you are creating some brand identity. The more your website is visible in top results means the more traffic you will get to your website. Let me explain it in terms of marketing, if you have a number of search impressions then your website will have the highest traffic. This shows that numerous visitors to your website helps you to create a brand identity. Companies found on the top positions of the search page are perceived to be trustworthy, Hence your brand.
  3. Lead Generation: One of the key benefits of SEO is generating leads. If your search rankings are good and you have thick traffic flowing to your website every day then for sure you will have some leads in your sales funnel. The customers whose search query matches your title tags, Meta keywords and gets landed on the relevant page of your website and if your products/services suit their need then you have generated a lead straightaway.
  4. Competitive Edge: We have more than 250 million websites and one of them is your website. A well-executed SEO helps your website to stand out from the crowd and put yourself on the top of SERP. Stay ahead of your competitors with a well-crafted website and professional SEO work.
  5. ROI (Return on Investment): You can track the data/traffic to your website through different tools. Quantifiable results such as rankings, traffic, and conversions help you to understand your strategy execution. Based on the comprehensive analytics and metrics information you can calculate the value of your SEO strategy. If you have invested in AdWords then you can calculate ROI easily with the help of data analysis.
  6. Cost-Effective: The cost incurs is very low for the SEO strategies as compared to the traditional marketing budget. SEO is a very good marketing strategy to generate leads and traffic resulting from SEO is more qualified than many other marketing strategies, rendering in cost-savings for companies.
  7. Increased Traffic: Top positions in the SERP receives a majority of traffic to the website. Having optimized title tags, Meta tags help you to achieve high rankings in SERP resulting in the growth of website traffic.

The above mentioned are some of the benefits of SEO. To know more about the benefits of SEO and consultancy, Please reach us.

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